If you live on the Island of Ireland (NI & ROI), where games broadcast on television by RTÉ and TG4 cannot be viewed on our service due to rights restrictions, but are traveling abroad or away on holiday to somewhere were the game is available to view on our service, you can purchase a game/programme in advance of traveling or when you are in that country (outside of Ireland).

If buying ahead of traveling:

When you attempt to purchase content that's not available to watch in your region on our website, you will be notified of this and asked to confirm you understand by clicking 'okay, I want to buy this to watch elsewhere' in order to go ahead with the purchase (see below). Approve this and continue with the payment process as normal.

If buying when away / watching when abroad:

You shouldn't have an issues purchasing or accessing the game whilst abroad once your location is read correctly. 

To ensure this please:

1. Turn off mobile data on your device / don't connect to a mobile data connection

2. Connect to a local Wi-Fi source

3. If using the app please delete and uninstall it and allow location to be accessed with the pop-up appears

4. If using the website clear your browser cookies and cache then log back into the site

If after following these steps you have any issues purchasing or accessing content please contact our support team.

**Make sure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection to access the game whilst away as you will not be able to watch the service using 3/4/5G.

**If travelling to GB, please ensure that the games you wish to watch are not restricted in that territory. If you are in GB when purchasing, restricted games will automatically be geo-blocked on the fixture page.