If this is your first time to use GAAGO, in order to stream our service you will have to set up a GAAGO account.  

On our website:

1. Buy a product - For best rates and to avoid third-party involvement, we recommend purchasing directly through our website www.gaago.ie 

Go to the 'Matches' section and click the 'BUY NOW' button under the item of content you wish to purchase 

OR go to the 'Packages' section and click 'BUY NOW' on the pass you wish to purchase (passes differ based on territory)

2. Once selected you will be redirected to the following page (below). 

Under 'Create Account' enter the requested information (email address, password, card details in the payment section) in the appropriate fields. 

If you have a discount code, enter it into the 'Promo Code' field, click 'APPLY CODE' and you should see the price displayed drop accordingly. 

3. Once filled in, click the 'Create Account & Buy' button. 

4. Please note you may be required to approve the purchase in your online banking app, in line with second authentification regulations put in place by your banking provider. 

5. Once payment is successful, you will be sent proof of purchase via email. If you cannot see this in your main inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. This email is not needed to access the content. 

6. To access content simply login to our website, mobile app, or on-tv apps (Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV) using the email address and password used when registering your GAAGO account and you will have access to the content included in your pass package/game or individual programme. 

Please note you will only have access to content once it becomes available to view on our service, for instance, if you purchase an upcoming game/programme, you will only be able to watch it once it goes live on our service.

An individual game purchase gives you access to watch that game live and on-demand up to 10 times a day for the remainder of the season.

Already have an account?

If you already have a GAAGO account from a previous purchase then click on the login button and enter the email address (login) and password you registered with when you signed up to GAAGO. If you have any difficulties doing so, contact our customer service team via email on support@gaago.ie

Once signed in you will be able to add purchases to your account, or if you have an Annual Pass, Annual Pass Flex, Annual Pass GB, Annual Pass GB Flex, or Season Pass you will see a list of upcoming and on-demand games available to you under the 'Matches' section.

Your Account (MYGAAGO)
Once logged in on our website, you will see 'MYGAAGO' in the top right-hand corner. Under the 'MYGAAGO' section, you can keep track of all your subscriptions, see past purchases and billing information, make changes to your account such as password change, update payment details and set your subscription to cancel at the period end.

There is a similar section in the mobile app. To access it click the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner and follow the flow > Account > Manage Account > Edit Account / Change Password


You can watch GAAGO on our website, through our mobile apps (available to download on Android and iOS mobile devices via the Google Play or Apple App Store) which support casting via Chromecast and Airplay or directly on a Smart TV via our Roku, Apple TV, Google TV or Fire TV, Samsung TV or LG TV on-tv apps. 

For more information on casting from our mobile app to a tv or setting up an on-tv app on your tv see https://support.gaago.ie/a/solutions/articles/77000034200?portalId=77000001309