We offer a number of different package options, designed specifically for users in different territories based on viewing restrictions in place in those territories and to cater for different payment preferences.


Suitable for

What’s included?

Annual Pass

Users based outside of the island of Ireland (NI & ROI) and Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)


All content on our service


Annual Pass GB

Users based in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) ONLY

All content on our service except games televised by BBC (including All-Ireland semi and final games)



Season Pass

Users based on the island of Ireland (NI & ROI) only 


GAAGO exclusive games (38 taking place during the Championship stage of the season)

BBC online-only games (during League)


Flex Options


*Available for Annual Pass and Annual Pass GB products

*Not available for the Season Pass or the Commercial Pass

People who would rather spread the cost of their year-long pass across the duration of the year in 12 to be paid monthly installments rather than paying one upfront payment (as with the regular Annual Pass packages)


Exact same access as the corresponding Annual Pass / Annual Pass GB packages

Commercial Offerings

US & CA – Interested outlets should contact our partners Premium Sports directly

Commercial outlets outside of the US can purchase a commercial pass package directly from us 

All live and on-demand games and highlight shows available in their area

NOT - GAAGO TV content (classic games and documentaries) 

GAA Club Pass

GAA clubs (based on the island of Ireland ONLY) who want to screen games at their venue

All live and on-demand games available in their territory.

NOT – Highlight shows (all RTÉ broadcasts) or GAAGO TV content (Classic games and documentaries)

All passes can be purchased as gifts for someone else. Gifts are once-off payment, not renewing products.

Games and highlight shows can be purchased as standalone purchases.

We run different bundle options throughout the year, depending on what part of the season it is. Check out our 'Packages' section to see the latest package options available to purchase in your territory.