Our Annual Pass Flex package allows you to spread out the cost of your Annual Pass over the duration of the year, in 12 to be paid monthly installments.

You pay one month (€11.99 / $13.99) upfront at the time of purchase, followed by 11 further monthly instalments of €11.99 / $13.99 each (1 per month) throughout the year. Payment will be taken on the same date every month. Instalments are charged to the credit/debit card used when making the initial purchase, you can change your credit card details at any time in the 'Billing Information' section of MyGAAGO.

The pass is not a pay-per-month pass that you can simply cancel at any time and payments will cease. All 12 payments must be paid.

If you do not keep up payments your subscription will be cancelled and access to content on the GAAGO service will cease.

How do I set up a Flex Pass?

On the GAAGO homepage click on the 'Packages' link at the top of the page and select Annual Pass Flex. Enter your email and card details as normal.