Mac computers should be running Mac OS 11 or later in order to run our service smoothly.

Mobile Devices:

GAAGO is supported on most iOS (Apple) mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad running the latest iOS version or the one previous (iOS 16 and 15). We can't guarantee the service will work on iOS devices older than iOS15.

You can access our service on an iOS mobile device 1. on our website on a web browser or 2. through our mobile app (available to download from the App Store) which supports casting to a tv via Chromecast or Airplay.

Note that iOS devices automatically switch to their native player when playing content from our website, which looks a little different to the GAAGO player.

Apple TV:

You can watch GAAGO directly on your Apple TV by searching and downloading the GAAGO on-tv app from the App Store on your Apple TV.