Access-wise, if you are using mobile data to stream our service, your location will be read as the country your mobile network provider is based so if you ordinarily reside in a territory where certain content is blocked from view on our service (eg. Ireland or the UK) and are trying to access such content when abroad, somewhere where the content can be accessed, using a mobile data connection may interfere with your access. 

To ensure your location is read correctly:

1. Turn off mobile data

2. Connect to a local WiFi connection

3. Clear your location history

4. If you are using our website, clear your internet browser cookies and cache / if you're using one of our mobile or on-tv apps close the app and reopen it

Quality-wise, we cannot guarantee the quality of streaming you will receive if you are streaming our service via a mobile data connection.

You will need a strong, stable broadband internet connection with a minimum of 4MB (a mobile data internet service will probably be too weak or too variable to give a good service) and a ping of less than 100m/s to stream at the lowest bitrate of 240p.

The higher and more consistent your download speed, the better the quality your streaming video will be: for example, to get HD quality (720p) you will need a download speed of between 5-13MB.

We recommend streaming over a wired broadband connection for the optimal viewing experience.