Yes, GAAGO does work in Northern Ireland. Games which are exclusive to GAAGO are available to purchase on a pay-per-game basis. 

Due to rights restrictions, games broadcast on Irish TV (RTÉ, TG4, Sky, BBC NI) cannot be viewed on our service if you are located on the island of Ireland (NI & ROI). This will be clearly stated on games it applies to. 

If you are based on the island of Ireland you should be able to access games broadcast by RTÉ and TG4 for free via the broadcaster's online on the RTÉ Player and TG4 Player. If you have any issues accessing games on the RTÉ Player and TG4 Player please contact or for assistance.

Games broadcast by BBC NI can be watched on the TV channel, via GAAGO or BBC's iPlayer.

Games broadcast by Sky can be accessed via Sky or NowTV's paid services.