Yes, you can cast to your Smart TV from our mobile apps (available to download on iOS and Android devices) through Chromecast.


Please ensure that the device you have the mobile app downloaded onto, the casting device you are using and Smart TV you are attempting to cast to are all connected to the same Wi-Fi source. 

To Cast from our mobile app via Chromecast:

1. If you already have Chromecast enabled on your mobile device and TV the simplest way to cast the GAAGO stream is to click into the item of content you wish to watch and hit the casting icon in the top right corner of the screen. *If the icon remains greyed out and tapping on it does not cause anything to happen, your Chromecast device is not being picked up. Please ensure all devices are connected to the same internet source and that your Chromecast device is set up correctly. 

2. After clicking on the casting icon you should be provided with a list to select your TV from. 

3. After a few seconds content should display on your TV screen.

If you are having trouble casting on the mobile app, it may be possible to cast from our website to your tv. You should be able to mirror what’s on your device via the ‘Cast Screen/Audio’ in the Google Home app. Casting your Android screen allows you to mirror your Android device to the TV so you can enjoy your content exactly as you see it on your mobile device—only bigger. Please refer to the below link on how to ‘Cast Screen/Audio on your device