If you are a commercial outlet, in order to screen content from our service at your venue you will need a Commercial Pass package. 

Based in US / Canada: 

If you are based in the US or Canada you will need to contact our partners Premium Sport directly in regards to obtaining a commercial pass for our service - https://www.premiumsports.tv/contact-us/

Based Outside the US / Canada:

If you are based outside of the US or Canada you can purchase a Commercial Pass directly from us on our website under the 'Packages' section. 

It grants you access to all live and on-demand games available to view on our service in your terratory for the duration of the season you purchase the pass during. 

GAAGO TV content (classic games and documentaries) are also excluded from this package. 

Please be aware if you are a VAT-registered business you can claim back the VAT on this product.