You can purchase games and highlight shows on a pay-per-game basis should you wish to do so. 

Price varies depending on the stage of the season. 

If you purchase access to an upcoming game, ahead of time, you will be granted access to the game once the stream is available to watch (either live or on-demand) on our service. Please ensure you are logged in correctly using the email address and password associayed with the GAAGO account you purchased the game under at the time you attempt to access the game. If the stream is already live at the time of purchase you should be able to access it immediately once payment goes through.

Once payment goes through you will be sent a proof of purchase email to the email address you purchased the game under. If you cannot see this in your main inboc please do check your spam/junk mail folder.  

You will have access to this game for the duration of the season it is purchased under. Our libraries are cleared down at the end of a season ahead of the next season getting underway. 

You can access the stream up to 10 times a day. 

If you plan on watching a number of games on our service throughout the season it may be a more cost effective option for you to purchase a pass or bundle option. To see what package options we have on offer, see our Packages section