If you are ordinarily located on the island of Ireland (NI & ROI) where viewing restrictions are in place for GAAGO but are travelling outside of those regions you will be able to access content on our service once your location is read correctly.

If buying ahead of travelling:

When you attempt to purchase content that's not available to watch in your region on our website, you will be notified of this and asked to confirm you understand by clicking 'Okay, I want to buy this to watch elsewhere' in order to go ahead with the purchase (see below). Approve this and continue with the payment process as normal.

If buying when away / watching when abroad:

You shouldn't have an issue purchasing or accessing the game whilst abroad once your location is read correctly. 

To ensure this please:

1. Turn off mobile data on your device / don't connect to a mobile data connection

2. Connect to a local Wi-Fi source

3. If using the website clear your internet browser cookies and cache, refresh the page then log back into the site

4. If using the app, close it, follow steps 1 & 2 and reopen the app

If after following these steps you have any issues purchasing or accessing content please contact our support team.

Pass Holders:

If you are a Season Pass holder, as outlined in the description of your package, it grants you access to the 38 GAAGO Exclusive games taking place this season. As RTÉ, TG4, and BBC NI broadcasts are not included in this package, if you wish to watch a game broadcast by one of those broadcasters whilst traveling outside of the island of Ireland you will not have automatic access to them (as they are not included in your package) but you can purchase them as pay-per-game purchases. 

Similarly, if you are an Annual Pass GB holder, as outlined in the description of your pass package, your pass includes access to all content on GAAGO except games televised by BBC due to rights restrictions (approximately 6 games a year including the All-Ireland Semis and Finals). If you are traveling outside of GB and wish to watch a game being televised in GB by BBC you will be able to watch it once your location is read correctly but will be required to purchase it additionally as a standalone purchase as access to it is not included in your pass package. Annual Pass GB holders traveling on the island of Ireland (NI & ROI) will also not be able to access games broadcast by RTÉ, TG4 or BBC NI on our service due to rights restrictions in the territory.