GAAGO have partnered up with the Pittsburgh Steelers to bring three of their preseason games to Irish audiences. 

This is part of the Steelers expansion their brand and activities in Ireland, as part of the NFL’s ‘Global Markets Program.' 

Earlier this year, the Steelers launched a dedicated Irish Steelers podcast along with Irish social channels (Instagram: @steelersireland, Twitter: @SteelersIreland) offering unique content for Irish fans. A Steelers in-market event is due to take place later in the year with a fan watch party.


The franchise founders and owners, the Rooney family, maintain a deep connection to the island of Ireland through their ancestral roots in Newry Co. Down. Daniel M Rooney was appointed as the United States Ambassador to Ireland and was also one of the founders of The Ireland Funds which promotes peace, equality, and opportunity across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities worldwide.