1. A suitable viewing device (PC /  laptop / mobile phone / tablet or iPad / TV) 

2. A sufficient internet connection. 

Viewing Methods:

You can watch content on our website (on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet/iPad, or mobile phone), through our mobile apps (available to download on iOS and Android mobile devices) which support casting to a TV via Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay or directly on a smart tv via one of our on-tv apps (Roku, Fire, Apple, Google TV, Samsung TV, LG TV) which can be downloaded by searching 'GAAGO' in your on-tv app store. 

You will not be able to access GAAGO on your Sky Q box.

We do not officially support TV smart tv internet browsers therefore if you are accessing our service in this way we cannot guarantee it will work without issues.

Supported Devices:

Mac computers should be running Mac OS 11 or later in order to run our service smoothly.

iOS (Apple) mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) running the latest iOS version or the one previous -iOS 16 and 15. Please Note we can't guarantee the service will work on iOS devices older than iOS15.

Windows requirements - Intel 4 (or higher) processor with a minimum of 4GB of memory, running at least Windows 10.

Android devices (mobile phones and tablets) running Android OS 13 or above are supported by GAAGO.

*For more information see https://support.gaago.ie/support/solutions/folders/77000324694*

Internet Requirements:

In order to stream GAAGO on your device, you will need a strong, stable internet connection with a minimum of 5MB to stream at the lowest bitrate of 240p (a mobile 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, etc. internet service will probably be too weak or too variable to give a good service) and a ping of less than 100m/s. The higher your download speeds, the better the quality your streaming video will be. You should achieve HD quality (720p) at 8MB.

If streaming via our website, you should be using a compatible web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome to ensure the best streaming experience. Please note, we do not support Internet Explorer, Edge is outdated and Safari can cause users issues so we advice against using any of those browsers.