The player’s resolution is set by default to “Auto” which chooses the optimal speed that your device and broadband connection allows.

If you find that your stream only plays at a low resolution (eg. 240p) you can try watching at a higher resolution. In the lower-right corner of the GAAGO video player window, select the next highest resolution (e.g. 360p) and see if you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming at that quality. If it works well, then try for a while at a higher setting, and so on. (Sometimes it is better to override the “Auto” setting with a manual setting that works).

If changing the to a higher resolution is causing playback issues, then your internet connection or your device can’t stream video at your preferred speed and we recommend lowering the resolution to the original rate chosen by your device.

Be aware that streaming a live broadcast demands a lot more from a device and internet connection than general internet browsing and streaming from on-demand platforms such as Netflix. Forcing the device and connection to stream at a higher resolution, which it might not be able for, may cause buffering issues.