We have a 'Refer A Friend Scheme' in place that can be accessed under the REWARDS section on our website where both you and a friend receive a discount when you refer them to the service.

Both the referrer and referee will receive a discount code. 

To refer a friend to the service:

1. Simply click on the 'start sharing' button on our rewards page / in the email sent to you / on the online advertisement you saw the offer on, and follow the on-screen instructions

2. Your 'friend' (the referee) will receive a code to be applied to their first purchase with us. They can either use it to receive the product they wish to buy at a discounted rate or the first month of the Annual Pass Instalments package free of charge

3. Once your 'friend' (the referee) has made a purchase using the discount code sent to them, you (the referrer) will receive a discount code that can be applied to your next purchase with us 

For more information see: https://www.gaago.ie/rewards.html