Discount codes can ONLY be applied when purchasing through our WEBSITE

This is because our app providers (Apple & Google) do not support the feature. For this same reason users who hold a subscription purchased through one of our apps will not see the options outlined below to add a discount code to their account under the MYGAAGO section.

To apply a discount code when purchasing:

1. Go onto our website

2. Click into the item of content or pass package you wish to buy

3. At the checkout, enter your discount code in the 'Promo Code' field (see below)

4. Click 'APPLY CODE' and you should see the price displayed drop accordingly 

5. Proceed with the payment process

* For the best rates and to avoid any third-party involvement and associated issues we recommend purchasing directly through our website

To add a discount to your account:

If you are a subscription holder and wish to add a discount code to your account so that upon your next renewal the discount is automatically applied:

1. Log in on using the email address and password associated with your GAAGO account

2. Click 'MY GAAGO' in the top right-hand corner of the screen

3. Go to Manage Subscriptions

4. Select 'Add Promo Code' 

5. Enter the code and hit 'Apply Code'

The code will then be applied to the subscription (if valid) ahead of the next renewal.

*Please note not all discounts can be used against all products

App-Purchased Subscriptioon Holders

Users who purchased their subsctiptions through one of the apps will not be able to add a discount to their account whilst they hold a subscription with Apple/Google. This is because the app platform providers do not support the dscount function.

To instructions on how to avail of a discount offer please contact our Support Team on